How it Works

With iOS 10, Apple introduced iMessage Apps, apps you can run inside of iMessage to bring advanced features. Password Message leverages this capability to bring you a radical new kind of app - an app that lets you add a password to your iMessages. You create a message and add a password right inside of the Message app, then send it. If whoever you sent it to has the passowrd, they can decode it and read your message. Never leave the messages app!

Paaword Message Photo


  • Convenient

    As Password Message is a native iMessage Application, you can do everything right inside of the Messages app. No need to leave it!

  • Easy

    Sending a message with Password Message is as easy as adding a password, typing your message, and clicking send. To decode, all you need to do is tap on a message in a conversation, enter your password, and hit decode.

  • Secure

    Your messages are never recorded by Password Message and are never sent to any 3rd-party servers. Messages are only stored on Apple's iMessage servers.

Password Message Support

We'd be glad to help you out with any problems you may have. Contact us using the links below.