WatchWeb - The Web Browser for your Apple Watch

WatchWeb is the best web broswer for the Apple Watch. It's well-designed, powerful, and dead simple to use. Click anywhere on this page to download it. Contact us at info[at]

WatchWeb features a bright, modern user interface. The very first screen you are presented with is the search screen, where you can enter a query.

Search results are displayed in an Apple Watch-optimized format. Simply select one by tapping on it to view that page. WatchWeb strives to deliver you the best content based on your search query.

Page content is automatically optimized for the best reading experience on your Apple Watch. Unnecessary elements are removed for the most optimal experience possible, leaving you with just the content that matters.

For your convenience WatchWeb also features a built-in key list, allowing you to search for short strings of characters without the need for dictation. Handy and discreet!

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